Friday, September 18, 2009

Book learning #54

Paris, THe secret history. Andrew Hussey.

Well, This just adds another brick in my tower of admiration for the world of public libraries.

In a state of literary ennui, I was browsing the shelves of the local (and quite fantastic) local library when I came across this. It came home with me. I liked it.

Beginning with the prehistoric stuff and moving through the Romano-Gaulish history (most of which I learned from Asterix and was delighted to discover from a real book that so much of what Asterix had taught me was true) and moving through some disgusting medieval developments, sketchy seventeenth century intruigue, the great French Kings, the 1789 revolution, Napoleon, Commune, World Wars and 1968.

Thoroughly readable, entertaining and really, very sexy, this was a good read. I've known Paris down the years, after New York , London and Norwich* it must be my favourite city.

*Favourite cities. In order.

1.New York
2.Brooklyn (keeping the dream alive!)
7.Paris (OK, I misjudged this a bit)
10. Washington DC**

**Based on limited experience and OCD American history fixes.


Greg and Kris said...

Philly made somebody's top ten list? My god, must be a ferner.

Walking past Franklin Square, just about noon on a Saturday, late 1990's, holding hands with my nine y/o son and 13 y/o daughter when one of Philly's fillies asked me if I'd like a date, which is code here in the states for a paid sexual encounter.

City of Brotherly Love, I'll say.

Mondale said...

My unoffical stag night was in a bar in Philly, $1 PBR and a shot!
Cheesesteaks at
Pats and great beer at the ball park.
Finding the pretzels bakery.
Oh, and all the history too.

What's not to love!?