Thursday, June 25, 2009

July 4th.

The big question?

What's Henry to wear on July 4th?

I've decided that every Independence Day until he reaches his age of majority (or hopefully his mid sixties) he will dress as a US President. Last year he was George Washington.
Accordingly, following the logic (but not the precedent) he should be John Adams, right? In my experience of US history he has slipped through the net and I have yet to see the biopic so I might need some support for this idea.

Or should I jump to Thomas Jefferson?

Or just go back to a winning formula?

If I decide to follow the President a year idea it could be an interesting future. Polk? Cleveland? I'll certainly have something to look forward to in 2043.
I'm worried that by the time he's 7 or 15 or 24 he'll grow tired of the idea and reject it completely, thus failing me as a son ans I'll have to stop loving him.

Should I try Chief Justices of the Supreme Court instead?

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Listmaker said...

james madison. the father of the constitution or so he reported, the shortest president (thus closest in size to the boy) and the university i attended. james madison!

and you can dress up as dolly.