Saturday, June 20, 2009


Of course we forgot the camera.
Of course, we decided to not go shopping but visit a local historical spot instead.
Of course we stumbled upon a fantastic bunch of civil war enthusiasts, complete with pikes, muskets, washerwomen and seventeenth century extreme left wing political bickering.

I paused for half a second too long and ended up getting drawn in to a brilliant impromptu lecture about musketry.
Frau Random Doubt was treated to a rant about the rights of women in the Stuart era.
The wee hen just loved the swords!

Worth every penny of the free entry.

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Wisdom Weasel said...

Oh. Man.

Reminds me of the "Green Dragon bog is a time machine" arguement the time we were in said pub and you went for a drunken slash, emerging to see two members of the Sealed Knot Society who had stopped in for a pint in full kit.

For fully 20 minutes you were convinced you were Doctor Who.