Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tap dancing

What's worse?

Breaking the kitchen tap and flooding the undersink cupboard in the first place?

Turning the stopcock off and twisting the handle off, handle then falls into a hole beneath the cupboard beneath the sink, never to be seen again. Ever.

Calling your dad at 9.40pm to receive the 'you don't want to do it like that' lecture (and knowing that he's right).

Calling the plumber at 9.45pm and effectively getting the same lecture (albeit a slightly politer version).

Arranging a time with the plumber and realising that the boiler is being serviced tomorrow. The plumber points out that the gentlemen who are servicing your boiler are almost certainly going to be, well, how do i say this in your language? Plumbers.

I need to learn that it is the place for one such as I to provide employment for the skilled artisan and to stop attempting DIY myself.

I have yet to tell Frau Random Doubt that we have no water.


Mark said...

Funny - our boiler just started making funny noises. I started to think about tinkering, but Lj was straight on the phone to the professionals. Probably wise...

Mondale said...

Girls know best. A happy man understands this.