Sunday, November 09, 2008

This blog

A friend asked me the other day "what's your blog about? What's it like?"

It's always nice to stop and think about what you do (as opposed to blindly crashing through life which is often my preferred method of cultural navigation).

I thought for a moment.

"I guess it's a bit like a smalltown newspaper, I'm the editor and writer and reporter and tea boy. All the news is of interest to me and perhaps a dozen or so others who read regularly. In some respects I am living off the glories of a couple of older posts which still google well and draw in a crowd of passers by who might pick up a copy, use the small ads section and never bother to read any further. Alot of the news is about me".


tillerman said...

I tried to explain my blog to my wife by saying it was like a magazine. There's some news stories, and some comment, and some product reviews, and some in-depth articles, and some pictures, and some humor, and the occasional competition, and letters to the editor. My magazine is mainly about sailing but other stuff creeps in occasionally.

weasel said...

I wish it was more like a national red top as then you'd get yer chebs out on page 3.

Nothing like a pale Germano-Norfolk chest with whisps of blonde hair to get the ladies dancin'. Phwoooah!

Mondale said...

Weasel, you are, and always will be my all time favourite red top.