Sunday, November 09, 2008

book learning # 46

The life and times of the thunderbolt kid by Bill Bryson.

Can I just cut and paste every other review I've done on a Bill Bryson book?
why do I keep picking him up?
It's like the Sunday newspaper magazine article about the new Bond film.
You sit on the loo , you read and your life is not changed. It's not harmful but it's not enlightening.
It passed the time.

Having said all that I liked the stuff about the big fifties themes, communism, racism, consumerism etc.


tillerman said...

Oh, it's not just me.

Funny thing is that I really loved the first Bryson book I read. I thought it so was full of sharp insightful observations and it made me laugh out loud.

Then every other one I ever read has left me cold. I keep hoping to recreate the feeling I had when I read his first book but it never comes.

Has he got worse over the years? Or does his formula only work once?

Mondale said...

I'm sure he's a great bloke, it's just, well, it's just.

It's hard to pin down.

I should admit to having a laugh out loud moment, I left that out of the review as I didn't want folk to think I laughed out loud.

But I did.