Thursday, March 20, 2008

J ' Gagne!

I won the Teacher's section of the school Easter bonnet competition!!!!!!!!

I have no pictures of my splendid creation but imagine if you will, a Napoleonic style hat covered in brightly painted cardboard bunny rabbits (I've had a thing about bunnies since reading Watership Down)

The children had to vote by a show of hands in front of loads of parents and all the other teachers.

A public vote.

And I won!

It was like being a Communist Dictator and I loved it!


In the children's section the kid in my class who treats school as an optional debating club won. He's a practising Pagan, intensely competitive about religion and was delighted to win "the Christian Easter thing" adding "I'm only here today because I know there's chocolate somewhere". In another category two other Pagan kids won! It's a church school but, like, whatever!

Oh did I tell you?

I won!

And I had an acceptance speech in my pocket.


Listmaker said...

you are completely rudderless at your new job when you don't have a new listmaker to take picture after picture of you in funny costumes and silly conkers matches and playing in puddles, etc, etc.

Mondale said...

Rudderless is putting it mildly.

I'm like Paul McCartney between the Beatles split and the first Wings LP.

I'm like Eric Morcambe without little Ernie Wise.

I'm like a day without sun.

I'm like tea without milk.

weasel said...

One might even say that you are like a man who doesn't understand the rules for French subjective personal pronoun and verb agreements.

Mondale said...

I haven't spelt it right have I?