Monday, March 03, 2008

How to distract teacher

Comments overheard after the class noticed what was going on just outside the classroom door.

"Are they?"

"Jordan's cat is going to have kittens"

"Get a room!"

"Cat's don't get rooms, they get bushes"

"That poor lady cat"

"Is that legal?"

"This is even worse than the hares." This refers to the wildlife video we watched which began with frolicking hares and ended in bunny porn.

The most amusing thing was this show carried on, the two cats in question indulged in their sexual adventures outside the door, a few minutes later outside the window (the blinds of which I attempted to close but they jammed which attracted the attention of the whole class. Again). After break they were at it agin, on a picnic bench by the peace garden. Nice.

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Listmaker said...

oh man, i wish you had a movie of this.