Thursday, July 13, 2006

Your choice, first caller gets a prize.

I am in summer limbo, Working under vaguely Talibanesque conditions which keep me away from a reliable computer and force me to actually work with children.

I have three upcoming blog projects, one is a certainty, the Mondale CD with liner notes. If you wait long enough I will publish said notes in this space to prevent Unwellness from becoming bored and to keep up my end of the pact I have unkowingly made with the boy Norris.

The other two are yours for the choosing.

I) A summer quiz.

II) Books I failed to read this year and why they suck.
This is the inverse of my critcally acclaimed 'Book Learning' series (Just wait and see what's coming next, you'll never believe it).

So? What's it to be?


weasel said...

Both, quiz first. You have all the time in the world.

mactechwitch said...

pcwYes, definitely both.
And the idea of publishing the liner notes in your blog, brilliant, to use a Britishism.
Remember: you have friends in high places. I can loan you a laptop during the day. You can probably invent some wacky game with it.
"Children will take turns holding the computer for Mr. B. and all the others will dance around us singing, "How do you solve a problem like..."

Danny Baseball said...

number two.
quizzes are stupid.

Bill Norris said...

Books I failed to read this year and why they suck please.

Anything by that twit J.S. Foer would be a good place to start.

bri said...

Well obviously, B. Your quizzes are too hard. Remember, I went to an American public school. I don't know nothing bout no his-tor-ee.

Mondale said...

Danny Baseball, you hate my quizzes because you can't do them. Start genning up on Nineteenth century British Foreign Policy.

Listmaker said...

even if i could do them, i wouldn't like them. quizzes aren't my thing even if i'm good at them.

Mondale said...

"Even if i'm good at them".
But what if you're not good at them?

weasel said...

I see you went with the books, you craven populist, you.

Mondale said...

The quiz will happen, it'll just take a while.