Monday, July 17, 2006


Creative Athletics is horrid!
I am surrounded by 8 year old Alpha Jocks who mock my every attempt to educate them.
They upset other teachers and I have to reprimand them.
This is not Summer, this is awful.
At least my assistants are pretty damn fantastic.

But wait, there is a future, bright and rosy.
In less than three weeks I shall visit the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
It's going to be the highlight of a week of chilling on the lovely dunes of Lake Michigan.

For my English readers it's probably the equivalent of visiting the Sir Alec Douglas-Home, or perhaps James Callaghan museum (Ah, if only there were such things!!)


weasel said...

Time to break out the ol' "teachers vs. the kids" football game ploy.

Cor; I wish there were a Jim Callaghan prime ministerial library. It would smell like peak freens biscuits and Golden Virginia and the clangers would always be on telly. I'd move there if I could. I think you have found your life's work: raising funds for museums in the home towns of Britain's more obscure Prime Ministers. Its not enough to have just pubs named after them.

Mondale said...

Is there a pub called 'The James Callaghan'?
Blimey, that'd be worth a pint or two.
Perhaps I should open a pub called 'The James Callaghan'.
Every Tuesday night would be quiz night. I'd call it "Quiznight? What Quiznight?"*
Such marvellous ideas are born in the heat of midsummer!

*American cousins, James Callaghan was an unelected Prime Minister from 1976-1979. One of his famous misquotes was "Crisis? What Crisis?" A motto I still adhere to.

weasel said...

I was thinking more of the Fitroy Tavern round the corner from the Post Office tower. I do think that you should open up "The James Callahan" however. You should never empty the bins and have the local press whip up a hate campaign against you.

Mondale said...

There's a 'G' in Callaghan. No Pork scratchings for you.

weasel said...

Never mind the G in Callaghan, there was a G & T in me at time which might explain the mis-spelling.

Mondale said...

Ahhh...i just love our endless injokery.

Bill Norris said...

Back in the day, when I was a summer day camp staffer, we ended each week with a rousing game of Staff-Kid dodge ball. It was a simpler time, less prone to litigation, and as a staff, we'd bide our time, hording each of those pebbly red, hard rubber balls until we had them all.

Then we'd confer.

One by one, we'd mow down the worst kids of the week in a hail of fire.

We aimed for the head in only rare circumstances.

Anonymous said...

"Creative Athletics is horrid"
Forget that!
Summer Camp at BCs and working with JV is horrid enough!!!!

When are you done?