Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tory Leadership contest.

I quite like the semi annual Conservative Party leadership competitions.
Whilst I would love to have a credible opposition to Mr Blair it's also amusing to see the Tories in such disarray. They seem to change the rules governing their leadership elections every time and almost every time they pick a less than credible leader. So much that the shining light of English conservatism left the party and became a TV celebrity, he knew where he could be appreciated.
Two candidates in the current four way race are Kenneth Clarke who, as a director of a tobacco company has toured south east asia in an attempt to promote childhood smoking and some fellow by the name of Cameron who is currently involved in a row over drug abuse. It seems that in British politics you are allowed to smoke pot but not much else. His preference for 'the real thing' is hindering his chances of leading the blue rinse brigade.
I am just amused by the personalities, their brash disregard for the normalcies of political life and hope the fervent hope that none of them ever get close to running the country.


weasel said...

I was hoping they would select Tony Martin. Aren't the Tories really competing to see who will lead the Countryside Alliance? The leader of Britain's conservative party is T. Blair, Esq.

As you know, I agree with you here: "Whilst I would love to have a credible opposition to Mr Blair"- I just wish it was from within the Labour Party, or some odd Lib Dem/Green/Bicycle Riders For Peace-No GMO/Trotskyite Bus Drivers of The World coalition that we could all get behind.

Jolly good post (for my edification, at least).

weasel said...

Clark's out, so's the tories.

Dirk the Feeble said...

The tories? Do they still have the whigs, too? I am so unpolitical . . .