Sunday, October 02, 2005

In defence of beer.

I know some folk are wine lovers, some find joy in a tequila shot or whisky sour. I am a passionate defender of fine beer.
I'm not talking the corporate piss water that sometimes masquarades in the half time beer commercials, I mean crafted, well brewed, proper beer, the hard to find brewery, the result of someone's lifetime passion.
Last night at a friend's rehearsal dinner I was able to sample one or two fine Austrian beers. After that at 'Floyds' the Brooklyn lager flowed. This morning I feel clean and refreshed if slightly organic.
Had I veered from the path of fine beer I would feel like death right now.
Great beer is almost a meal in itself, nutty brown and delicious.
It's also an encouragement to great photography as you can see (that's me on the right).


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weasel said...

Alex, have you ever made your own beer? I dare say it will be the best beer in the world. Better than any of this commercial rubbish. Then you could write about how you made beer. You should make it for Nov 5. It owuld be a great icebreaker- beer is always a springboard for personal anecdotes.

How was the wedding? Did Yankee guy understand the essential hollowness of their stolen AL East title?