Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Our friends in the north

Rightyho it's that time of year again. Yankees -RedSox. This caused a mixture of delight and trauma last year and I'm sure it's going to be a similar mix in 2004. I've already yelled at the school's arch yankee (a 4th grader) and i'm gearing up for a lighter fuel send off for the jeter shirt i bought as a tourist back in 2001 (I didn't know).
The more you read the more you know. There's no hiding my support for the RedSox (certainly as far as playing the yankees goes) and i shall be avoiding certain bars which are full of pinstriped assholes getting drunk and obnoxious.
Like wisdom weasel I'm looking forward to a week of great TV and hopefully abusing/gloating over yankee fans.
( And I hate the way people assume that you're a yankee fan just cos you live here. People except my faithful B71 busdriver of course)


jamie said...

if there is to be a ritualized burning of a Jeter shirt, then i simply must be in attendance.

Listmaker said...

yeah, let's have this jeter thing happen!

tell us more about your busdriver.

Debbie said...

Leave the fourth grader alone!!!!!!
'sides he has a dozen of them

weasel said...

I take great heart in knowing that even most of New York hates the Yankees.

To all of the Mets true believers out there, from those of us in Red Sox Nation; nah, I can't bring myself to do it. We hate everyone.

Still- Johnny D will wake up tonight. The Yankees just had their only win of the series. This year, the idiots (tm Kevin Millar) are going to finally do it.

Mondale said...

If I can get a small crowd of right minded witnesses together, a suitable location (public BBQs at Prospect Park?) and a righteous moment in time, the jeter shirt is 'smokin'.

weasel said...

erm.. that thing I said about the Yankees' only win coming on Tuesday.. How about this approach? Sox needed to lose two straight to get into the underdog position for a rally at Fenway.

I dunno. I got so confused trying to do my civic duty (watching the debate) versus watching the game that I developed remote control wrist and swear I saw Pedro Martinez outline his plan for Canadian prescription drugs.