Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The American pastime.

It's October and as the local news reminds us this means that there is baseball in The Bronx but not, alas in Queens.
As any regular reader will be aware this site has a connection with a certain Minnesotan politician and former Vice President.
Accordingly I need assistance from you, the reader.
Find out all you can about the 'Twins'. I need infromation, I need lots.
Could it be time to burn that Jeter shirt?


jamie said...

in a nutshell:

* their owner is a tightwad bastard
* they have the best pitcher right now in Johan Santana
* their domed stadium is terrible (even on TV), but their fans are good.
* Justin Morneau is a home run machine
* http://www.bat-girl.com/ is a great Twins blog
* if Cristian Guzman and Luis Rivas are playing, they're making a big mistake
* Terry Mulholland is about 87 years old
* it's easy to root for a guy like Lew Ford
* they damn well better beat the Yankees

youthlarge said...

i like the metrodome. i guess more as an entity than a place to play or watch a ballgame.

Anonymous said...

they were the original washington senators

Terry Ryan is a better GM then Billy Beane

they were the subject of "Little Big League"

their nickname is the twinkies

as crappy as the metrodome is, it affords the twinkies quite a home field advantage.

pop ups tend to get blend in with the roof and get lost, primarily by the visiting team's fielders.

weasel said...

We-ah up he-ah in Maine like the Twins, but we really don't want anybody to come between the Sox and the weakest Yankee team ev-ah to make the playoffs, de-ah.

This is a team of destiny: when Gabe Kapler stands next to Johnny "Jesus" Damon in the outfield their numbers read "1918".

Curse is going down, ayuh. Then maybe we can forgive Mets fans for 86 and peel Buckner down from the cross.

jamie said...

Terry Ryan is a good GM, but he has refused to trade from his strength (OF/1B) to improve his weaknesses (2B/SS/#3-5 starters) resulting in a logjam of players who only get the shot they deserve when injuries strike (See Ford, Lew among others). holding back the careers of your players )Morneau should have been up all year) because you're waiting for Guzman, Rivas and Kyle Lohse to suddenly become all-stars is not a great way to run a team. Billy Beane fell 1 game short of the playoffs depsite losing Tejada and Foulke (not to mention Giambi, et al.) who have the Twins lost? no one. let's not be hasty with these proclomations Mr. Anonymous.

Listmaker said...


i agree with you, billy beane is unfairly maligned. but the twins operate on a tight budget as well. they lost eddie guardado and then ryan made that amazing trade to pick up joe nathan.

and let's not forget that they did trade doug mientkiewicz to free up a spot for morneau. what did they get for him?

i'm sure you never thought your blog would turn into a forum for baseball discussion. but i would like to add to anonymous' comment about how the twins were the original washington senators. when the racist owner of the senators moved his team from the rapidly changing (all the whites were leaving washington in droves) city of washington, he said something to the effect of being excited to bring major league baseball to "the hard working white folks of minnesota."

Mondale said...

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