Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Customer service

I love decent customer service.

Who doesn't?

I need to tell you about this beautiful customer service moment.

In September I purchased a beautiful pair of Dr Martens boots.

Unfortunately they let me down.

After much 'umming and ahhing' I wrote to Dr Martens and explained the fault.

I was polite and reasonable.

They wrote back.

They offered to repair, replace or return the shoes. I just had to send my broken pair to them.

I sent them back,  within a few days they told me that they would replace my broken boots. I just had to look at their website and choose a new pair. Sadly they no longer had they original pair in stock.  They politely asked, could I find a new pair?  I couldn't find a pair similar to the broken pair so I chose a  pair of shoes.

There was a £15 difference in price.

I wrote to Dr Martens and explained that I was willing to pay the excess and they just needed to let me know how to do this.

They wrote back and said that the new shoes were already on their way and there was no need to pay the difference!

Bravo Dr Martens!

Brilliant customer service!

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