Friday, April 29, 2011

Gawd Bless'em!

The Royal Wedding!

You don't need to scratch too far around here to discover that the vast majority of folk spend the vast majority of their time and energy on things other than the Royal Family.

However, we were given a day off.

Some of my favourite pictures from a long and busy day.

During an early morning stroll I took some pictures of details around the town. I loved these little flags on the fence.
Proper bunting. Handmade, triangular, criss-crossing the street. Proper bunting. My heart sang!

I love this shot. We helped host a party for the kids, Henry spent most of the time hairing about and eating. From time to time he was transfixed by the coverage, especially of the soldiers and horses.

Even this republican took the day off and enjoyed the spectacle!

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