Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Michael and Daniel

Well beggar me if we ain't just had twins!

A highly civilised day of childbirth courtesy of the Norfolk and Norwich University Trust Hospital.
Everyone we encountered was friendly and professional, the operating theatre was lit by the first sun of spring and filled with laughter and cheers. I only wish all entries into the world could be so down to earth and humane. It was an honour to be in the room. Yet another moment to feel proud of the NHS, quietly made me worry about my old friends in the states (SORT IT OUT!!!!)

OK, politics aside, enjoy the moment. Mommy and her babies are in hospital being taken care of, I'm home with the original Lil'un who is now coming to terms with being a big brother! this is the easy bit, they'll be coming home in a day or two!!!!


my2fish said...

so 3 boys now? congrats! I have 3 boys myself. cherish your time with them. I'm not sure I could handle the twins, though! good luck.


Colleen Courtney said...

So precious!

Mark said...

You've got male(s)...


ella said...

Me too! Collin and Liam. My little angels! Congrads!


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Anonymous said...

I just happened on your blog. Congratulations on your twins!! Double the pleasure, and work. :)

I, too, am a twin. I would not have it any other way. :)

I live in the United States, but taught on an Air Force base for a number of years, in Suffolk. I have been to your neck of the woods, Norfolk, a couple of times. I LOVE England, and think it is such a beautiful country!

You are welcome to take a peak at my blog, should you have the time or desire:

Happy day, and again, congrats on your twins!