Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Democracy in action

This evening, through a mixture of circumstance and someone else's bad luck and ill health, I was quietly thrust into a position of quite large responsibility.

For about 45 minutes all eyes were upon me. It was my job, as Senior Teacher and representative of the school, to publicly count the votes for the Board of Governors election. Two positons, Four candidates (one an incumbent).

If you'd have told me beforehand, I'd have said something along the lines of "no hassle!"

Stand in front of a silent, scrutineery room and count votes.

Then announce the results.

Without smiling.

Even though you really, REALLY, want to!

I actually felt very proud.


msdee said...

good for oyu for not smiling :)

msdee said...

I change the video set up on my blog. So check it out now and see if it works:) Let me know please because my sister also said she had trouble