Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Mondale!!!!!!!!!!*

Thank god.
The summer holidays are here.
It's been an incredibly long and supremely frustrating school year**.
I've spent the last few weeks batting googlies and praying for this day to come, pass without incident and come to a mildly tipsy close.
Just one Baker day on Monday and then it's seven weeks of daddy day care, huntin, shootin, fishin and some sailing.

*I love the multiple !!!.
**I still love my job, just not the politics which has resembled the worst aspects of the Bush***/Nixon****/Stalin***** eras.
*** The trouble with being the decider is deciding which Bush to model yourself upon. I tend to aim for the Bush 41 model, not ideal but suitably devoid of emotion to get through the day, that and a natty dresser (in his own way).
**** I told the school council "If the Senior teacher does it, it's not illegal". Would they listen?
***** The purges in the autumn term were a bad idea. I see that now.

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