Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Grand fantastic Simon is 40 Subbuteo tournament!

My brother is about to turn 40. It was time to turn back the clock, return to our parent's kitchen, gather some old friends on a Friday night and play some serious subbuteo. I organised a subbuteo tournament just like the ones we used to have thirty years ago.
Two groups of four, semi finals and a final. Ten minutes each way. A table in the kitchen (Wembley) and one in the living room (Goodison Park).

The tournament had it all, a nervous start, concerns about the pitches and the lack of goals, some outstanding performances from all concerned as well as some controversial moments. The best match of the tournament was probably the semi final between Silver Fox and Birthday Boy (see the action shot below). The eventual winner was a bit of a dark horse but thoroughly deserved (well, he beat me anyway). All in all a top night of beer, banter and small plastic footballers.

We had the trophy, a magnificent thing borrowed from another time and place. I like to think she polished up rather well and no doubt thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention for the evening.

Proper man food for a proper evening of man sport. Beer, Scotch eggs and pork pies.

Tom ponders his defence at Goodison Park.

The only known real time action shot ever taken during a subbuteo match. The Silver Fox concedes an absolute cracker during the semi final against his elder son.

Pete was somewhat surprised to make it to the final. Simon was the firm favourite. Everyone was surprised and excited when the game went to extra time and then penalties.

We all knew that an Englishman would end up losing a penalty shoot out. I present the trophy to the victor, Pete.

"Eeh Aye Addio, I've gone and won the cup!"

Well done Pete, a surprising, yet deserving winner.

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finally have caught up on your blog. this is one of my favorite posts ever.