Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day!

Strolling through Hometown between fried breakfast and naptime we stumbled upon lots of slightly drunk posh folk on horseback.


Mark said...

Herding up poor people to give alms to? The drove large flocks of them towards Sandringham I'm told.

Happy Boxing Day!

tillerman said...

Oh good. Pleased to see that the unspeakable are still in pursuit of the uneatable and are not letting any damn socialist laws get in their way.

Mondale said...

I did manage to darkly about class warfare. Still, Henry loved seeing the horses.

The best bit was when I was chatting to a friend whose husband had just been made redundant. A horsey lady then approached us with a bucket asking for donations for some dog related charity.

My friend's face was brilliant!

Wisdom Weasel said...

Home town has a hunt? What on earth are they chasing in our part of the world? Coypu?

Turds, the lot of 'em.