Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blogging verses the other stuff.

I get the feeling that blogging is becoming slightly old fashioned and mildly tweedy and nerdy.
I like it like that.
I like it more than anything else on the internet.
I'm just sorry that life is a bit busy right now and that the blogging is slow.


tillerman said...

I get that feeling too. I bet all the cool kids have moved on to something else and left us behind like Barry Manilow fans or Rubik's cube champions.

Listmaker said...

facebook and twitter can go to hell. argh!

Mondale said...

facebook is little more than an online phonebook. with stupid pictures.

msdee said...

I love blogging ! I promise to get back into it.

Tillerman said...

I agree with you about Facebook. But all the young people seem to use it and get some value out of it so I suspect I am missing the point. Ditto Twitter.

Now get off my lawn.