Friday, August 01, 2008

Fishing for compliments

Ah, nothing like a few hours on the North Sea fishing for your supper.

Ah, nothing like a few hours staring out at this waiting for a bite while all around you catch tonnes of the bite sized morsels!

After three increasingly impatient hours, some sulking, a change of bait and several changes of position I finally gets me the stupidest fish in the North Sea!

Then the fisherman's homemade 'sushi' challenge.

And at last! The perfect end to a day's fishing!
(Bottom left- the stupidest fish and his brother, the unluckiest fish , two of the three caught by me goodself, the third fish, just a normal fish having a bad day is at the very top of the barbeque, almost out of sight)

(apologies to Msdee, this is not the August 1st post I promised you. Could you just remind me again, what did I promise you?)


msdee said...

Hey Mondale

You promised me a"Debbie Special
lots of local pics and pics of the lil un:)Did you get my email?
Do you still have the same email?

Mondale said...

Right, yeah, yeah and yes.
I'll get onto it as soon as my camera battery recharges.


msdee said...