Friday, July 18, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

As I stumbled in late this evening following a night of dancing at the end of year school party, I slumped beside this old computer with a glass of wine and a happy, happy heart.
I noticed that Frau Random Doubt had been out to the library and as usual had returned with a wonderful selection of interesting and curious texts.

One of these was a selection of "Children's songs and games from Scotland".

In these troubled times it's lovely to think of the Wee Hen being taught songs and games on his mother's knee. 

This one in particular, made me smile.

"Vote, Vote, Vote for Mr Labour,
In come a Tory at the door.
take a poker and a knife, and chase him for his life,
And we won't see Mr Tory any more, shut the door!"

In these troubled times indeed.


msdee said...

Sweet song
I'm sure it won't conjure up an evil images for the little one.

weasel said...

Ms. Dee, I recall learning songs about blind mice being disfigured by evil farmers wives, and it didn't do me any harm.

Erp. Stab! Stab! Erp.

msdee said...

Let's not forget cradles falling from trees

Mondale said...

The only good tory is a lavatory.

msdee said...

That was cheesy Mondale and yet I laughed out loud. I mean LOL