Friday, July 27, 2007

News from the east.

Right, I'll be quick.

No flooding here, we live on a hill surrounded by sheep. A fair bit of rain, lots of wind but mostly sheep.

The house is coming along, slowly. No consrtruction/restoration project ever ran smooth, under budget or quickly.

Most English people are completely and quite brilliantly mental. Or may be it's just Norfolk. Yes, I think it's just Norfolk.

The wee Hen is doing fine and loves the sheep.

Sheep are really noisy, especially at night. We spent the first few nights going upstairs because we thought Hen had woken up, it was just a sheep coughing.

The weather is 70 f and windy and sunny. Then it rains a bit then the sun comes out again. Repeat until dusk.

I've never drunk so much tea.

We are all feeling refreshed and busy and very happy, but we do miss our American chums.


weasel said...

A hill, sheep... Are you at your people's huss, bor?

Listmaker said...

thelma was very worried about you. i'll pass along that you haven't been swept away by the rising tide.

Jen & Chris said...

Hi darlin's!
So glad to hear you weren't swept away and that the wee Hen is digging the sheep. We miss you dreadfully, but were overjoyed to see the word "rested" in your post after all you've been through in the past months. It's rainy and unbearably humid here today - the apples falling from the trees in our backyard have a longer fall time due to the moisture in the air... Big question - have you new email addresses, or do the old still work?
Sippy, Franklin and the rest of the circus send a big kisses - and Kitten is doing brilliantly. She is such a brave bad-ass, the dogs aren't bothering her in the slightest. It's incredibly funny to watch her mill through them in her never-ending quest for MORE FOOD!
Love,Love - the MH Family Circus.