Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alan Ball. 1945-2007

Bloody Hell? Bally's Dead (and in the type of pseudo bizarro circumstances as befits an English sporting legend)


weasel said...

The world cup is cursed, I tell you. All of that 1966 team are slowly aging and dying. Its like an Egyptian tomb or something.

Mondale said...

Aye, it's like men who are getting into old age slowly dying of natural causes and stuff.
And have you noticed how they have begun to die off since the reunification of Germany and the end of the Soviet Union?

I smell a conspiracy.

Tillerman said...

Yikes. Makes me feel old to hear of members of that team dying. In my mind the heroes of 1966 are forever young, Paperback Writer is #1 on the charts, a British Prime Minister is refusing to join an American war, and I am still 18.