Friday, February 16, 2007

FA Cup 5th Round.

City v Chelsea.

Championship also rans v Premiership champions twice in a row, glory billionaires of world footy.

I doubt it'll be pretty but it might just be interesting.

Then again.

We're gonna get shat on.


Jamie said...

you never know - they might be able to steal one at Stamford Bridge (Huckerby blasts from 25 yards at 89'). at least it will be on TV live - do you have a set of Canaries jammies for Henry yet?

Mondale said...

I've got it all planned.

I don't have any actual canaries stuff (nor any Mets gear) but he does own a few yellow and green items (the benefit of not knowing the sex before birth).
I have already scheduled 2 full hours of daddy patrol at 10am tomorrow which will coincide with the game!

ivanomartin said...

gotta get him the dion dublin shirt.