Wednesday, September 15, 2004

This TV show makes me happy.

I was nicely adrift in a world loosed from reality then someone pinched my laptop. I've no desire to make laptop theft a repetative motif within my blogworld but it just feels like 'reality' (never a concept I was at home with) has knocked on my door.
BUT, there is hope. The British sitcom 'spaced'.
I've just watched this (two seasons, 14 episodes, some 7 hours of TV, love/joy/laughter/happiness/nostalgia/quality/humour and the rest) all the way through one of the most deliciously sun drenched, late summer breezed, idyllic september afternoons.
And do you know what? It felt great!
I promise the next time I write I will a) not mention crime and b) place a link to the spaced website.

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Marc said...

Thanks to your constant plugging of the show, I'm looking forward to watching it. It looks like TRIO just acquired the rights to air SPACED in the US. It starts September 20th at 10pm.

Here's a story about the show: