Wednesday, June 30, 2004

These things I know.

I've been listening to Air America recently. It's a dash livelier than NPR and far more juicy than most other stations. They had a question about which news sources do we (the people) trust? some of the predictable ones came up but also some rather good UK based internet sites. Now i'm sure that if you're reading this you've just got in from watching Fahrenheit 911 or have casually tossed the latest Al Franken book back on the shelf, you can leave your liberal credentials at the door, we are all friends here!
So, here are Bowles's top fine media institutions. This is the website for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. Still refered to by some members of my family as 'The Manchester Guardian', the town from what it sprung over 100 years ago. A delight for liberals anywhere. yadadada. everyone knows the BBC , enough said.
The independent. Rather a good newspaper but i think it has one of those annoying subscription policies which puts me off. I only do the free stuff.

The Daily Mail. just avoid. I won't have this in the house.

So, there we are. I shall try not to politic too much but i enjoy it (as a spectator sport).
i just thought that you may be interested.

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